DNS settings for Hosted Exchange during the test period

When you have requested a trial period for the Hosted Exchange service, the subdomain "demomail.YOUR DOMAIN" is automatically created in your mail Control Panel. You can register DNS records for it straight away.

Thus, you will not change anything in the operation of your existing mail system and at the same time you can test the operation of Hosted Exchange.

Depending on how your DNS admin area looks like, there are 2 options for adding records:

1. Create a demomail subdomain and add records from the table below.



Name Type Value Weight
       mail  CNAME  mail.flexcloud.ru.  
autodiscover  CNAME  redirect.flexcloud.ru.  
MX  edge1.flexcloud.ru. 10
MX  edge2.flexcloud.ru. 20
TXT  v=spf1 +a +mx -all                                    
                 _autodiscover._tcp  SRV  0 0 443 mail.flexcloud.ru.  




2. Adding records without creating a subdomain.

Name Type Value Weight
mail.demomail  CNAME  mail.flexcloud.ru.  
autodiscover.demomail  CNAME  redirect.flexcloud.ru.  
demomail  MX  edge1.flexcloud.ru.  10 
demomail  MX  edge2.flexcloud.ru. 20
demomail  TXT  v=spf1 +a +mx -all                             
_autodiscover._tcp.demomail  SRV  0 0 443 mail.flexcloud.ru.  



It is important to have a dot at the end of MX and CNAME records!

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