How to configure Veeam Agent for Linux to make backup to Veeam Cloud Connect Repository

If you want to store backups in the cloud, you can be linked up to  Veeam Cloud Connect service provider (SP) and create backups with Veeam Agent in the cloud storage.

To connect, you need Veeam Agent distribution and a license file.

The current version of Veeam Agent for Linux can be downloaded from the Veeam official website :

To download, you will need to register, choose the OS and CPU type.

You also can download 
Veeam Agent for Linux in your Cloud4Y Account (select "Support" - "Downloads" in main menu).

The current license file can be downloaded in your Cloud4Y Account.

To do this, you can use the instructions:

1. Download the received veeam-release* distribution file and the license file to the computer / server you’re are going to connect to Veeam Cloud Connect.

2. Install Veeam Agent for Linux by executing :

For CentOS / RHEL / Fedora: rpm -ivh ./veeam-release* && yum check-update && yum install veeam
For Debian / Ubuntu: dpkg -i ./veeam-release* && apt update && apt install veeam

3. Run the initial setup program “Veeam Agent for Linux” with the command: veeam


4. In the pseudographic initial configuration utility, at the first step (Agreements), accept the license agreements by marking the corresponding check boxes with the “Space key” and proceed to the next step by pressing “Enter”

5. In the next step (Recovery ISO) do not change anything, select "Next" and press "Enter"


6. At the step “License”, specify the path to the previously downloaded license file from your Cloud4Y Account, select the type of agent: Workstation or Server, select "Next" and click "Finish".

7. The utility will offer to configure the backup task. Press the “C key” to configure

8. Enter the name for the backup task (or leave it as the default) and press "Enter".



9. Select the type of backup (it is recommended to leave the "Entire Machine" type selected by default) and press "Enter".

10. Select the destination for storing “Veeam Cloud Connect repository” backups and press “Enter”.

11. Enter server address, leave the default port and press "Enter".

Accept the remote server certificate if necessary, select "Accept" and press "Enter"

12. Enter the username and password for the account on and press "Enter".

13. Select the repository where the backups will be stored (usually it is one which is already selected) and the number of backups to be stored.

14. At the "Advanced" step, no changes are required, do not change anything and press "Enter"

15. At the "Schedule" step, select the time and days to complete the backup and press "Enter"

16. In the next step, click "Finish". Veeam Agent backup configured.

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