How to start working with the object storage


Our object storage is built on Cloudian platform and supports Amazon S3 API access protocol. The object storage stores data without hierarchy, unlike other storage methods, and each object is located in the data pool at the same level.

Let us list the main features of the storage:

-Data is located in flat space and does not fit into a directory hierarchy.

-Data is located as separate objects.

-Data can be accessed both via web browser and API.

The service administration panel can be accessed at the address:


using the credentials received from technical support after the service was purchased.

In the administration panel, clients can:

-receive statistic information 

-manage their buckets and objects

-change profile

To obtain access credentials for S3, use the appropriate tab.

The page also contains connection points to the service:



In addition to the API, clients supporting S3, such as Cyberduck, can also be used for connection, and data on the connection will be required: Access Key ID and secret key.

When working with the system, please note that:

-maximum allowed size of the object is 4 GB.

-The user name and bucket should be unique within the cluster.

-access to the bucket is only possible by URI.

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